Prepsta is an innovative developer of social learning-based educational apps that help students comprehend educational content in a fun engaging way. 


We create apps students need, parents trust, and educators want. 


Prepsta Classroom apps help learners master content and achieve higher test scores.  We combine great content with learners' love of social media, gaming and music to deliver a high-powered learning experience. The apps are great supplemental tools that help learners achieve their personal best.

Prepsta Vocabulary, the first in our line of Prepsta Classroom apps, features 1000 of the most common SAT words. Learners improve vocabulary skills, which is essential for college level course work and writing. This fun social learning app allows learners to study alone or challenge friends and peers to a little friendly competition.  Learners master new material and quickly improve time management skills. Our app increases engagement and sustains motivation.
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Prepsta Classroom offers a one-stop solution for social learning apps.  Our apps are effective and easy to use.  Learners can be more productive at home or on-the-go. We make studying and test prep fun, engaging and accessible.  Learners master new material and quickly improve time management skills. The apps increase engagement and helps learners stay motivated.


Prepsta Classroom apps track your progress, and help students achieve their personal goals with the help of performance reports that are downloadable by students, parents, and instructors.

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